Say hello to Emerald Azzurra

Emerald Waterways brings our award-winning reputation and service to the world’s oceans and coastlines, as we introduce Emerald Yacht Cruises and our brand new, innovative super yacht, Emerald Azzurra. Custom-designed to allow unique access to the fascinating ports and harbours only small yachts can reach.
Let us take you on a journey, off the beaten track and along timeless trade routes, on board our bespoke super yacht, Emerald Azzurra. Discover some of the oldest communities to have ever existed, explore the crystalline waters connecting stunning island groups and even uncover the mysteries of the Holy Land.
Experience the rich history of the East & West Mediterranean, the exciting ports of the Adriatic Coast and the abundance of natural and archaeological wonders of the Red Sea with Emerald Yacht Cruises.

Introducing our collection

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First look at Emerald Azzurra

Reaching an impressive 110 metres in length, our spectacular super yacht will exceed your yacht cruising expectations.
And with an intimate 100 guests on board there's an abundance of space through out all areas of your yacht.

Discover a secluded spot to read a book, enjoy unimpeded views of the unspoilt landscapes or arrange to meet fellow guests at one of our comfortable meeting spots.

Emerald Azzurra Float Out

The brand new ocean-going super yacht Emerald Azzurra from Emerald Cruises has now floated out. 
Glen Moroney, Founder and Chairman of The Scenic Group (including Emerald Cruises) comments: 

“We are incredibly excited to see Emerald Azzurra successfully enter the water as the next stage of her build, the completion of the interior, commences. Once again Emerald Cruises is looking to the future and building a game changing vessel at a time when small-ship experiences are gaining in popularity. We can’t wait for past river cruise guests and new customers alike to join us on board our very own ocean-going yacht in 2022.”

Our Yacht Cruises

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